#NoDust is a space for independent thinking about the causes & consequences of the divisive EU Referendum

in which British voters were asked whether they wished to stay within the European Union of 27 other countries, the continent’s longest peace project and the world’s largest trading bloc?

It is a collection of essays on Medium and an ongoing experiment in civic conversation. #NoDust public gatherings provide a place for anyone ages 12+ to hear from and talk with artists, youth, inventors and people whose experience lends them a depth of perspective.

#NoDust is also a commitment to peace.


NoDust has kicked up conversations, themes, talented people who — in their own right — influence what happens next in the crisis Britain now faces.

A dual national named Kate Hammer started creating #NoDust to stop the dust from settling on the question of Brexit by starting new conversations. The conversations keep growing.


Please tweet @NoDustEU if you’d like to contact us.